Diversification is the Key with Vacuum Trucks

At a time when the economy is passing through bad times, and most businesses are passing through a bad patch, it is the strong and the diverse businesses that will keep going. An increasing number of businesses are closing doors because of lack of enough customers to keep their businesses going. So the solution lies in the expansion of services instead of cutting back to pull in new work and customers. The same is true with the vacuum trucks companies, and that means diversification is the way to go for these companies and reap in new benefits. Vacuum Trucks


If vacuum trucks are used for removal of sewage or transportation of materials, the truck would turn into a multipurpose vehicle. The fact is that these vehicles come to use in more ways than they are known for. Even when there is a need for additional specialized units, it would make sense to expand into other areas as part of increasing business opportunities, instead of closing doors as is the case with other companies.

Hydro Excavating and Trenching - When underground electric lines, as well as gas pipelines, need to be located, it would become a dangerous proposition for construction companies to go for digging. It is hydro excavation that is the solution to go for digging without damaging or explosions. Here, vacuum trucks are used as pressurized water is used to locate utility lines by digging trenches, and suction out all the loose material and water, resulting in a cleaner work environment. Vacuum Truck Sales

Water Blasting, Sandblasting, and Tank Coating - In many industries, from oil and power plants, blasting services are required, and would provide enough work to go year round. Water blasting is needed to clean the interiors of the tank, while sandblasting and recoating is done to clean the exteriors as part of the maintenance of gas, water, and oil storage tanks, water towers, and other storage tanks.

Power Plant Cleaning - The by-product waste that is formed in power plants while producing energy from coal need to be removed from silos and burners through vacuum removal process for its proper running. The wastes are removed using huge vacuum trucks. The work is quite demanding, and it is done by shutting down the power plant for maintenance. This is a lucrative job for the vacuum truck companies. Vacuum Trucks for Sale

Gas Line Cleaning - Natural gas lines are regularly opened for cleaning traps and filters. The job requires being present in time when there is a need for gas companies as there are certain times when supply lines are shut down. It is a profitable option indeed.

Water Hauling - Hauling water is an additional job that vacuum trucks could perform. So whether the need is to clean wash water in industrial workplaces, hauling pool water, or removal or suctioning of waste and dirty water from work sites, vacuum trucks are a great way to use vacuum truck. Vac Trucks for Sale

Travel Opportunities

Even with the presence of different jobs necessary for expansion, the normal operations area will not be there for all of them. There could be a need to look outside the general service areas for expansion into newer industries by companies, which could be the main source of getting jobs. Most of the companies either won't go for expansion or diversify out of the normal operating sites. These companies could send their trucks to customers who have are located further away, and which could provide additional jobs.

Vacuum excavation services can provide a powerful means for use in different jobs. Diverse jobs are available and could be availed with the right planning and market research. It makes no sense to let these trucks sit idle at the company site, as they wait for a call. The key is to have the willingness in learning new jobs and go for diversification. Vacuum Trucks Sales


Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks are valuable and useful commercial vehicles. They take on the duty of helping everyone live comfortably in a clean, healthy and waste-free environment. People will always require the services of these trucks, be it a county that wishes to clean up a blocked drainage system or maybe a restaurant that wants a grease drain trap to be emptied. Vacuum trucks are diverse types of industrial vehicles and are broken up into various categories. Below are the major categories of vacuum trucks.



The best producers of vacuum trucks that are being used today are GMC and Ford. When contemplating buying a vacuum truck, it's important to check out the manufacturers. Just like personal vehicles, a good name-brand means quality parts, a good lifespan of the truck, and an excellent service. There are many manufacturers, and you'll want to examine the service record of every manufacturer to ascertain which would best suit your wants. Vacuum Truck Sales


Axle number

Different vacuum trucks have varying numbers of axles. These are dependent on the particular material contained inside and size of the tanks. These two factors will determine if more axles shall be required to give more strength, especially when used in industrial processes.


Liquid Only 

These vacuum trucks are specially built to suck liquids such as dangerous liquids and other chemical waste liquids. They usually have a capacity that ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 gallons of liquid material. Vac Trucks For Sale


Dry and Liquid materials.

These are vacuum trucks with systems that may be used for either emergency clean-up or routing cleaning of dry or wet materials. They can handle hazardous, liquids, and solid waste substances.


High velocity

These are designed for those hard-to-reach locations and have a system that includes the ability to withstand a wide variety of materials that include liquid or solid materials, hazardous or non-hazardous materials. Vacuum Trucks for Sale